Find Calm In The Chaos...

Have you ever felt like giving up? Okay, that might be a hard question to ask right off of the bat! So let me ask you this question.  Do you feel or have ever felt that you had so much worry and anxiety because of what was going on in your life it was a weight on your shoulders? a burden? pressure on your mind?

Circumstances can weigh heavy at any time without any notice.  So, how do we manage to get thru our toughest most darkest times? Read on... 

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Writing by the Water

Find The Time And Space To Exhale

Do you have a special space to exhale?  Some find their exhale thru exercise, breath works, meditation, talking with a trusted friend, counselor, anonymous crisis worker or a coach.  Truth is we need to get good at making time for ourselves to keep mentally and physically healthy.

Is Your Chaos Keeping You Busy And Troubled?

Ever wonder why some people just seem to have it all together? Like things just seem to come naturally?  It's because they have a plan, consistent action and clearly defined ways to improve their days.  Which in turn leads up to those moments we can pause, breathe and exhale from the chaos and turbulence of life.  Click on the button below and watch the video and take notes as new thoughts come to your mind.

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Fitspiration Everyday Women is a women's empowerment brand bringing her coaching resources to the everyday woman.  Lorelei coaches stressed, discouraged, and overwhelmed to find their courage, inspiration, and empowerment to activate their genius thru her coaching blueprint. Whether it’s dreaming of starting a business, growing revenue and personal coaching like stress management, Lorelei can help you to connect the dots.

Some topics of coaching ( health and wellness, business success, lifestyle development)

  • 5 Days To Creating Your Better Morning Routine

  • 3 Days To Mental Toughness

  • 5 Pillars To Business Blueprint

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