You are worth it, Sis!



-OR- The Bangle Box Club for $12.75/mo. FREE shipping.
Each month you'll receive a bangle and up to 2 charms depending on value delivered to your door. Your first delivery will include 1 adjustable bangle with up to 3 charms PLUS Bonus Princess Heart Necklace Pendant with your purchase (June only promo)
Cancel anytime. 


"Lorelei, everything you do just seems to turn to gold! You've got the midas touch. Thank you for all you've done and if you need me, I'm here"

-Prewitt, Fitness Coach Mississippi  


Coffee and lipstick mug

Let The Testimonials Speak...


The fabulous thing about our products is the look and feel for the unique experience that results from all of our products no matter what goes out of our boutique.  

Here's what one of our clients said about our gift box:


"Wow! That was really one of the best experiences that I've had!"

-MJ Atlanta

How Does The Bangle Box Of The Month Club Work? 



Depending on the choice of box (bangle box, t-shirt  + bangle box and mystery box of the month club)  you choose will determine the items that you will receive. We like to make to receiver of the gift feel special and enjoy their moment.  From the packaging to the product you will find gifts that are useful, inspirational and empowering. Take a look at what you will receive:

  • Glam bag, tote bag or any bag to keep you organized 

  • Drinkware such as sports bottle, glossy mug, stainless bottle to keep your water cold.

  • Wearables such as our handmade jewelry, lots and lots of never ending choices so you will never get bored.

  • Inspirational word art from our members to inspire you.  It makes a great little reminder on your desk, table or anywhere you spend time.

  • T-shirts of different styles designed with comfort in mind.

  • Journaling sets 


FREE Princess Heart Pendant Necklace when you purchase $25 or any Bangle products in the month of June.

*No code necessary. FREE item will automatically be included with any order $45 or more total
(not to be combined with affiliate program or stacking discounts)



Custom Bangle Bracelet

Custom bangle bracelet is $25 . It is sized to fit. Not adjustable.

Empower Her

Boss swag for all of your morning coffee breaks and gems you drop  $12 and Up

Island Lifestyle

Island style collection gives off the cool summer vibes at $18 and Up

Get My T-shirt + Bangle Box Subscription Upgrade

Now you can upgrade your experience to the T-shirt Club. You will receive a bangle and up to 3 charms every month with your special t-shirt. On each bangle it will include different charms each month.  We may include an identical one throughout the year.  You will absolutely love how they feel and look. Only $60/monthly subscription. Cancel anytime. No contracts. No fees.

Go ahead and treat yourself.  And our ordering system is easy! There are no contracts or fees to cancel. You can cancel anytime.  We also stand behind our products.


  • How much is shipping?  FREE! 

  • What is your return or refund policy while I am subscribed?  You will have up to 30 days from the date of your subscription to report an issue with your order.  If the item is damaged or irreparable, we will be glad to replace the same identical or in value the item in which is damaged.  Damaged is defined as damage not occurred due negligence or normal wear. 

  • Will my ring turn my finger color? NOPE. Our bands are made with tarnish resistant metal. You can shower, sleep or wash your hands and your finger will not turn color. 

  • What is the value of the boxes? The retail value of the boxes are resale double the value of your purchase. 

  • Will I get the same products each month? Absolutely not. However, you may get a duplicate or like item within a 12 month period.  You will not get bored. We want you to get the experience and surprise each month. 

  • Do you have an affiliate program? YES!  We pay out 10% commissions for selected products.  Also an onboarding gift after you have completed a 30 day active status and have referred 1 paying customer to purchase from our boutique (Refer to our menu).

  • Do your products contain metals or is it hypoallergenic.  While we source in the best products and materials that we create, we can neither confirm nor label our products safe on contact for those allergic to certain metals.  However, our products do not contain hazardous material  .