5-Day Maker's Challenge

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"Discover Your Inner Genius Superpower and apply  the 3 Strategies To Make Your First Sale"


Discover Your Inner Genius Superpower and ACTIVATE!

Everything seems to be a never ending SCHEDULE, doesn't it? Imagine being able to get up in the morning without the snooze button and doing what you love to do! you can have AMAZING results.  Whether you've made your first sale or your 10th sale, this is for you.  Here's what you need:  you need to take the 5-day Maker's CHALLENGE!

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5-DAY Maker's Challenge: You are 5 days away from your AMAZING breakthrough!


Be You Transform 


Be You Transform  was created so that women from all over the world of all walks of life could be encouraged, inspired and empowered to created ACTIVATE their genius.  Hi, my name is Lorelei and I help women transform their life and their hustle and look awesome doing it. My brand is host to women's coaching and boutique.

Thank you to all that support and cheer me along the way.  I want everyone out there to know this.  YES, the men too! You ARE worth it! See you at the TOP!



Be You Transform

Women's Empowerment Brand

We are reminded daily of our never ending to-do list, managing daily do's with the family, organizing our next plan of attach on the household clutter.  I mean, the list goes on and on!  We don't have to remind you that every day millions of women struggle with #selfcare and taking time to have a little time to relax, unwind, de-frizz the strands of life.  

Yet, most women I do meet are glad to connect with me so that I can help them find better solutions and better results.

While everything that I've told you up til now may sound like it's too complicated or not revealing enough.

In fact, I know you wouldn't want to miss out on the AMAZING results you will have and be able to IMPACT those around you!

I've got news for YOU!

You  WILL  get RESULTS within  5  Days of the challenge.

What Would Your Perfect Day Would Look Like?

You check into your notifications and you see your sales for the day and you smile and a feeling of gratitude comes over you

You grab your coffee and kissed your family good morning and with confidence you strut your stuff to your desk to start your day

You now know with confidence that you are steps close to being financially independent and money is no longer your enemy

You are able to do what you want, when you want and how you want to because you flipped the switch on your inner genius

You are planning your next vacation and see that sales are happening even though you're not at your desk, or doing a LIVE video or launching and this accelerates all areas of your life for transformation

You are free from the burden of back to back launches and now you can focus on the most important things to why you started in the first place

5-Day Maker's Challenge is a 5-day coaching program that will give you the encouragement, inspiration and tools to create a safe and creative space to ACTIVATE your Inner genius superpower to jumpstart your way to your first sale and springboard to launching your boutique!

The result...your days become more manageable, healthier habits are taking shape, your vision for your life purpose is now clear AND most of all you have a plan of action... ACTIVATE!

let's  do this, Sis!

I Applied What I learned As A Business Woman, I also learned that...

I learned first hand how to speak the language we all artists, crafters alike.

I overcame distractions from my goals, rolled up my sleeves and got to work and thru all of the blood, sweat and tears I saw my first sale. 

I learned my confidence in the work and results I had gotten to rinse and repeat.

I believe in working hard and doing what's necessary to stay focused and ultra creative in the prioritizing of it all.

I burst to tears, ugly cry when I received my first sale. Let me tell you the results are real and they can be real for you, too!

I learned that it wasn't one thing I did, but a combination of things. 

The 5-Day MAKER'S Challenge is a complete program that is PROVEN to yield AMAZING results.  5-Day challenge of courage and inspiration in a challenge that focuses on redirecting your energy toward launching your first sale and launching your boutique!


Each day  we focus on one habit that's been holding you back, while you most likely can't replace an unhealthy habit overnight.  It is the perfect jump start those who love creating handmade products and dream about their first sale or even launching their products at an online boutique.


The BENEFIT about this program is it is HABIT BASED, meaning we are focused on what is necessary to getting the income producing activities ignited and learning the habits of focus and being goal centered.  The habits work for everyone - from the beginner to the more advanced client.


We provide you with everything you need for your  5 days and the days of your journey to come.


We have a challenge guide, daily group and individual sessions, progress trackers…..even daily emails and Facebook posts to keep you encouraged and accountable.



You Pay  $0

The best part of this 5-Day MAKER'S Challenge is that you do it at your own pace with daily check-ins in our community group! Day 1 will always start on Thursdays.

Here's the last button below and pretty much if you've read this far and don't take action everything stays the same for you and you're not ready.  Have questions? Book a chat with me, click here.

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Got Questions?  We Have Answers! 

 How does the 5-Day MAKER'S Challenge done for you program work?

 A:   Great Question!  We will provide you with everything you need to complete the challenge. You will receive daily worksheets and an actionable step. You will be invited to our community group for daily support for Q & A.